Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Lapped SUCKS

All the people who got pregnant the summer I got married (2008) are now pregnant…again. My sister is about to have her second child, as is my good friend from High School. My fertile-challenged friend in England is now having her second pregnancy, despite thinking that she was unable to get pregnant the first time, let alone the second. Ha ha, the joke is on me. She's lapping me. All these women have carried, given birth to, and celebrated the second birthdays of their children while I still sit here, blogging about Facebook antics and IUI vacations.

I don't care who you are or what you're talking about, getting lapped makes you feel like a complete loser. Not only is someone doing better than you, but they're doing TWICE as well. I can see it on the face of my Track kids at practice when the really "fast" kids overtake them. They know: When someone laps you, it m

eans they are better than you are. It makes you wonder: Are we all working with the same resources here? Are you on some sort of performance-enhancing drug? And most importantly: Where can I get them?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to Baby Steps (No Pun Intended)

We have taken the last three months off from medical procedures. (No, I did not fall off the grid or into a giant hole in the ground.) We were going to try our first IVF in January, but I just couldn't handle it, especially after a crushing disappointment in December. These last few months have, thankfully, restored me to my sanity and given me some time to relax, focus on my job, and get back in touch with my husband. (When pressed, he will say that the thing that bugs him the most about me is my inability to cope with getting my period every month. I get very emotional, to say the least.) I have found a few new hobbies that have been keeping me busy (Hint: one of them involves copious amounts of alfalfa treats and a new pair of Justin boots. Joy!) I have successfully eliminated all talk of babies, pregnant women, or "procedures" from my daily conversations. It has been a nice break.

But I am back. I am happy to see that a few of my blog buddies (I am sorry that I haven't even checked on you, commented, or congratulated) are pregnant. I am also nervous to begin our first IVF next month. There is so much to think about and plan for.

So I will take a deep breath...and retitle my blog "Another Year of Trying". Maybe this will be the one. Evey journey begins with a few steps, right?