Sunday, November 6, 2011

22 Weeks!

A papaya? Oh my goodness, this little Tot is getting pretty big. Now that I know he's a boy, it has been quite a bit easier to start the bonding process. I talk to him every day. I sing to him every night (I read somewhere that they may remember songs from before birth and it will calm them afterwards...long shot, but I'll take it), and I even ordered a copy of "Peter Pan" to read to him during bedtime. (It was going to be "Alice in Wonderland", but we're on to plan B for Boy.)

My belly is getting nice and round at this point, and I am loving all the clothes that my sister is sending me. I even went online and ordered some stuff from Old Navy, because they're having a 30% off / free shipping sale! Yeah, check it out! Unfortunately, I think my sis and I are officially different sizes. Some items are a bit snug. I'd like to attribute it to my new, ahem, larger chest...but I've put on a few pounds lately anyway, and I'm a size larger than normal. Nevertheless, I am loving the changes and loving my little belly. Those kicks, which happen pretty frequently now, are what I live for. Each one is such a gift.


  1. Lovely photo! You are just glowing :)

  2. Stunning pic of you!

    I love that you sing to him every night. :) I need to start doing something like that.

  3. You look so, so cute!! How lovely that you're singing to him at night

  4. This picture is just precious! Nice work husband! Peter Pan is my absolute favorite children's story. Ever! I may have found a theme for the shower. ;)